Ah, how I missed thee, Descent… let the nausea begin!

Anyone who has decoded my Bio on Link Dead Gaming knows that I loved Descent.

Well!  GoG.com has a Descent 1+2 package on sale right now for $2.99.  Let me tell you, I slid down ye olde internetz zip line as fast as my bandwidth could carry me and downloaded that puppy fast.

Gogogo!  ❤

(Props to JTM Games for the info 😀  )

~ by Chaelura on April 14, 2012.

6 Responses to “Ah, how I missed thee, Descent… let the nausea begin!”

  1. Got that pack a while ago from GOG.com/gog.com/GoG… Those Guys Wot Made The Witcher and I was so excited.
    Then I realised that in the crippling old age of my mid-twenties all the rolling around that I used to find so exilarating about the game was making me motion-sick. A sad day indeed.

    Still love me some Decent 2 though. Never got into 3 for some reason!

    Enough babbling! To sum up:

    I agree.

    • YAY! Another Descent fan… I figured we were an endangered species 😉 But yeah, I may very well succumb to vertigo this go-round. *readies the dramamine*

  2. Good grief! I played the hell out of Descent in university. Gotta find my “Urban Cookie Collective” CD to listen to while I play though, and off down memory lane we go!

    That’s three bucks I’m happy to spend!

  3. Lol! This brings back some fond memories of long ages gone by. I can remember jamming heretic and warcraft 1 at about the same time. Classics

    • Most definitely 🙂 I’ve found myself revisiting old favorites a lot lately… wonder what that says about currently available titles or if I’m just feeling nostalgic, hehe 😉

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