Ever since Chaelura was a wee girl she has, sadly, lacked any extraordinary powers.

She is incapable of waxing a cacodemon with a plasma gun, downright pathetic at executing a spinning bird kick, inept at piloting her way out of an exploding mine, stupefied when contemplating disarming an atom bomb, and decidedly fragile when tested with a 10-story fall… although she was perhaps lacking the proper gear for that. A particularly elusive gnoll always manages to swat her about like a ragdoll before she can stick a sword in it. And, lacking major psychological issues, a certain town and its illusory inhabitants had no wish for her presence, uttering a collective “meh” at the very idea.

There was simply nothing for these glaring deficiences but to indulge in complete and total escapism.

Also, swooping is bad.


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